Defensive Design for the Web

By Deane Barker on May 17, 2004

dd_book_cover3.gifDefensive Design for the Web: How to improve contingency design…: I read this book over the weekend. It’s essentially 40 usability guidelines sorted in nine categories and supported by hundreds of screencaps of sites you’ve probably visited.

I’ve done a bit of usability reading in the past, so it was something of a review, but it’s still nice to have all the best practices in one place. There’s really no doubt that if you followed all the rules in this book, your site would be in awfully good shape.

Another good point is that the promo page for this (the link above) is just so well done. It includes a lot of testimonials, a sample chapter from the book (worth reading), the entire table of contents, and a list of frequently asked questions about the book (“What will this book teach me?”). It’s an exceptionally well done page, which explains why 37 Signals does so well for themselves.

(Incidentally, Amazon has it at a ridiculous discount right now — about a third off cover price.)