MT 3.0 Developer Edition

By on May 13, 2004

Six Apart released a Developer Edition of Movable Type 3.0 today. While I haven’t been able to find a detailed feature list of what’s new in 3.0 it looks like they’ve made significant changes to their licensing scheme. Apparently one of the big improvements over previous versions is an improved plugin architecture. To that end, they are running a contest to develop the best plugin for Movable Type and they’re giving away $20,000 in prizes for your efforts. Time to pull out that book on Perl and get-a-codin’.

There is still a free version available, but it’s been severely limited. Expect to pay over $500 if you wish to use it in a large enterprise situation with many authors and blogs. I can’t say that I’m ready to hand over the cash until the feature set has been improved greatly over the previous version.



  1. There’s going to be a backlash here, I’m sure. I lot of people are going to be irritated that MT costs money now, but that’s life in the big city. MT 2.66 is still free and unlimited unlike MT3 Free.

    My question is whether this site will need to buy a commercial or personal license. Yes, we technically get a very small income off the Google ads, but is that enough to be considered a “money making enterprise?”

  2. I don’t mind paying, but I think $69 for a personal edition w/3 bloggers & 3 or 5 blogs is a bit steep. I’m not sure what their cost structure is, but I personally would have gone the $29 … giving previous donaters a reward w/the next level up … making up the difference with volume sales.

    Then again, the $69 may be because of the level of support their offering … which let’s face it is expensive.

    Either way, what they’ve done is put themselves in a side-by-side competition with pMachine whereas before they were severl lengths ahead. Similarly, I think this might give the WordPad camp some energy to get more versions out in the mix.

    Still, I like MT, and will probably be a loyal customer even if I can install it myself !-)

  3. You guys should check out WordPress. I had been scoping out different Blog CMSs before this MT fallout. WordPress only publishes one “weblog” (currently, although the code reveals a disabled alpha attempt to head in the multi-blog direction) which would be enough for this site. It also has an MT import facility, and is open source. And I know how you guys like open source.

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