Vertical Farm

By Deane Barker on May 13, 2004

The Vertical Farm Project: Here’s a neat concept from Columbia University of a farm built into a high-rise structure for urban areas where there’s a servere space crunch.

An entirely new approach to indoor farming must be invented, employing cutting edge technologies. The Vertical Farm must be efficient (cheap to construct and safe to operate). Vertical farms, many stories high, will be situated in the heart of the world’s urban centers.

If successfully implemented, they offer the promise of urban renewal, sustainable production of a safe and varied food supply (year-round crop production), and the eventual repair of ecosystems that have been sacrificed for horizontal farming.

Note: the Flash intro is drawn out, but sit through the text to get to the virtual tour.



  1. Shucks; city folk don’t know nuthin’ about farmin’, and now they want to build lots of fancy tall buildings to grow stuff in? I gotta ask; how you gonna get a manure spreader into one of those towers?

  2. Check out my web site. I am the inventor of The Agro-Tower, a stackable vertical planter for strawberries and other types of plants. I am working with Lee Dominguez, Inventor of the High-Teck Food Farm, ( an insulated greenhouse with patented suntracking mirrors and skylites). We understand the need for such farms, but the energy cost for cities like New York City would be very costly, (not enough sun). Get in touch with me if you think my towers would be of use to your project. Lee’s Greenhouse is suited for areas that have more sunlite and less cost for real estate. Thank you – Lee Blevins.

  3. City folk arent going to be the ones farming, it’s all done by robots. All the people that would be working on the VF would be just selling the produce. And you dont need a manure spreader in them, their are going to fish and animals in the building and it is all a cycle, e.g. catfish in a pond with a waterplant growing in it. Catfish feeds off the plant food and catfish waste feeds the plant. this will be repeated in most of the levels with different animals. water will be supplied by city sewage filtered of all non-organic and harmful substances, power supplied by solar electric cells covering the building and wind turbines on top

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