WiFi Activism

By Deane Barker on May 12, 2004

WiFi Against Bush: Interesting concept.

Set the name of your wireless access point to “WiFi Against Bush”. Now, when anyone in your immediate area, such as in your dorm or apartment complex, checks to see what networks are available, they will see your little “bumper sticker.” It’ll piss off Repubs and let other sane folks out there know that they are not alone.

I’m a “Repub” and I can’t say I much care what you call your network.



  1. My guess is that most of the folks you’ll find wardriving to see your AP are also not ‘Repubs’. In fact, most of them are probably not old enough to vote.

  2. We could get all offended and say, “Our buddy Keith is away from his family right now working hard to make sure you retain the freedom to name your wireless network whatever you want!!”

    I bet Keith doesn’t even know that this is what he’s really doing over there. Someone should tell him.

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