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By Deane Barker on May 11, 2004

Hi, this is President Bush. No seriously — the entry was written by George W. Bush. I’m posting to this blog because it seems like Deane’s site is a great way for people to get in touch with the movers and shakers of the world.

Apparently a great number of you are sitting out there waiting for important people to post here so you can get in touch with us. Given this situation, I’m sitting here with Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Jesus, and Scooby Doo right now. We’re waiting for your comments.

So, please write to ask for money, to explain your theory on the war in Iraq, to chastize Willie for his indescretions, to ask for random miracles, or to say that “I would have gotten away with it too, if not for those meddling kids!!

We’re sitting here waiting.



  1. Looks like somebody’s baiting people to leave comments so he can test his new comment approval thingy.

  2. No, just trying to see if we get any sincere comments to the president on an entry that’s as sarcastic as humanly possible. I’m betting we will.

  3. To my people:

    George W. Bush, actually thinks he’s performing my will by liberating the Muslim world and pointing it towards democracy. Ironically, by starting a war. Unfortunately, what he fails to realize is that he suffers from severe Schiophrenia ! Remember, Georgie, admitting to Bob Woodard for his book that you heard me telling you to liberate the muslim world? That was just one of your mulitple personalities speaking up. Did I mention, the Anti-christ is somewhere in that little noggin of yours Georgie! I must admit when you believed you were a national guard pilot made me chuckle! Then an oilman, a snicker. Baseball magnet, bemusement! President, fear! Absolute power, corrupts absolutely. So, for the good of the world Georgie, take the prosac in your left desk door and leave office for the good of the world!


  4. Dear Mr. Doo, I am writing to ask for your assistance. I am the proprietor of a small, family owned amusement park which, until a few months ago, was very profitable. After refusing to sell off my land to a local developer for a shopping mall expansion, my park has been plagued with manifestations of pirate ghosts and other strange happenings. At first these disturbances were a minor annoyance, but now they are driving away my customers and sending my business towards financial ruin. If this continues, I will have no choice but to close down and sell the business.

    I am asking for you and your friends to provide assistance to my business. We are desperately in need of your help.

    Sincerely, Roger J Mulligan

  5. Dear Mr. Gates:

    I am currently looking for investors to fund the development of a device I invented. This device will produce clean air, and requires only sunlight and water to operate. It is self-replicating, so it requires no expensive manufacturing processes.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you are willing to help me. Thanks!

  6. Dear Sir, I am just a mom at this time, because i have no job, i have been trying to get a job but my problem is that i dont drive and i have to find a job close to home. i have had a lot of bad luck lately. First of all, I have lost my aunt and my son got locked up, My mom went in the hospital(she is doing better now), we dont own our home and we are about to be kicked out due to new ownership because we dont qualify for low income at 23,000. we took in a kid at the age of 18 because his parents are are having a hard time coping with there break up. all i want is to be able to live here in America without anymore unwarranted stress from the country we live in. i get calls from over seas to pay my credit card bills and it makes me mad. that they would have jobs but not us. how can this country treat its people like this all we want is a real job. maybe we should move over seas to get a decent job. and to top all this off they come over here to live and get free taxes. what have you done for us here in the united states lately? the working poor

  7. Unwarrented Drug Testing What are we to do, we serve our country for our freedom that we have but not without tragities. We need help here at home in the United States of America. My husband served in the Marines in Beruit Lebanon and you havent done anything to make our lives easier. this is supposed to be a free country. why are most jobs looking for substance abuse without warrant or just cause. what we do with our lives is our own. that is what freedom is about but when we work we work for our companies bennefits. We should look to the people who dont make the effort of thier companies for blame. If you are looking for money, you should look to Marijauna it seems to be the way of the people. Maybe you should make it legal so that you can tax it and give us some of the tax breaks you give to new arrivals that enter the United States. We will never get anywhere with the attitudes that are in office now. Maybe you should review more details of the people before taking all our jobs to India.

  8. Bush, I support you! God wanted you in office to fulfill his will. I pray for you always, and think those who are against you are against our wonderful God. He directs your steps, so if they have a problem with you, they need to take it up with GOD! I also have a very important issue I would like to discuss with you, please tell me how to write you directly! It’s a matter of ones life or death! kimweems1962@aol.com no spam people, this address is for the pres, no one else. I won’t even open anyone elses mail but his!!!!

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