By Deane Barker on May 11, 2004

Wikibooks portal – Wikibooks: Here’s a cousin to the perfection that is Wikipedia. Wikibooks is an attempt to write community-edited textbooks on a variety of subjects in a variety of languages. There are some good ones on XML, General Computer Programming, and Perl . But those are just the geek topics — there are books on everything from languages to mathematics.

While this is all wonderful in theory, won’t it be a kick in the head when a college professor chooses to use one of these in his or her class instead of a traditional textbook (you know, the ones you had to sell your blood to buy at the mafia-run college bookstore)?

One drawback is that the Wikibooks server is as slow as Tara Reid in third period physics right now. I know they’re working on hardware issues over there.



  1. Another problem with Wikbooks is that is is just not very inviting, casual, and satisfying to contribute. With Wikipedia, you can create a satisfying stub in a matter of minutes. How can you do that on Wikibooks?

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