The JewWatch War Wages On

By Deane Barker on May 11, 2004

Dropping the Bomb on Google: Apparently the Google bombing of the term “jew” hasn’t been as effective as we reported earlier. The offending site is back in the top spot as of this writing. Wired has some more background behind the campaign.

Mobilizing some 125,000 petitioners, Weinstock said he was able to lower the Jew Watch ranking using Google bombing, a technique in which links are directed toward a preferred site to raise its ranking. He won the skirmish, but the war continues.

In April, the Wikipedia encyclopedia entry for Jew was listed first. On May 4, had returned to the top-ranked position. It’s still listed first as of May 10.

And just because we (1) hate racists, and (2) love Wikipedia, here you go: jew



  1. Wow. Does this mean there’s a QUARTER OF A MILLION PEOPLE ENGAGED IN A TROLL WAR right now, trying to shift this listing? That’s nuts. Just how many of these “125,000 petitioners” have actually participated in the googlebombing? Still, it’s a measure of how much political support you need to shift a google page rank on a controversial issue: lots.

  2. get a damn life im jewish i dont give crap its FREEDOME OF SPEECH!!! why dont you go cry and complain about the kkk site or something..retards…get a life is jewwatch affecting you are they holding you down are the hurting you? well besides “emocionaly” and dont give crap about it give you a bad name and people who go to the site will “hate jews” people think what tey want that cant jsut change them just one site. wow their jsut retards joking around people like to make fun of jews. my best friend alWAYS calles me jew boy but he is always there for me , and he si my best friend dont give me crap like “well then he isnt your friend .. wow just chill oooooo its on top site wow why do you search jew anyway my friends dont go search christain wtf.. no offence but please just chill

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