Floppy RAID

By Deane Barker on May 7, 2004

USB Floppy Disk Drive RAID: This one is all over the tech blogs today. Someone hooked five USB floppies up to a Mac, and using some software RAID driver, got them to appear as a single drive. When you drag something to the drive, it stripes across all five floppies. Stupid fun.

After a very entertaining display of USB FDD flashing lights, whirling drives, and an interesting rhythm of spinning technology sounds, my RAID was complete. At first I thought it was screwed up, but it just took a while for the various units to meld themsleves into a single super duper kalimazooper floppy drive. Upon completion. I had a new SINGLE 4.22 MB floppy disk drive called UNTITLED. Don’t ask me where the other MBs when, I dont know, and I am frankly pretty suprised I got this far at this point.

The entire page is pretty funny. The guy has some wit.



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