Zan Image Printer

By Deane Barker on May 5, 2004

Zan Image Printer: This is an awfully handy little app. It’s like a PDF printer driver, but it prints to BMP, JPG, or TIFF. Great for when you need to extract images from odd document formats (CAD in particular) to include in other media. To us, it’s well worth the $30 price.

Zan Image Printer 3.0 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 is a virtual printer driver, you can use it as a file format converter that intercepts and converts any printable document into standard BMP/TIFF/JPEG raster images in just few clicks. TIFF, JPEG and BMP are among the most popular image formats, the generated TIFF/JPEG/BMP files can thus be easily shared and viewed with the look and feel of the original document. Also, the raster image retains the complete information within the file itself, you will never have the missing characters and uninstalled fonts issue any more.



  1. In addition to conversion to images this program has a very powerful and CORRECT text print driver.. You can turn off the image conversion (large uneeded files) and just get text extraction.. I have tried all the ones available (including PDF writers and rippers) as well as some very pricey ($150) dedicated text drivers and they all do not do as advertised…Some (many of them listed on this website)provide worse results that the XP Generic text driver !!!

    Right “out of the box” this program converted three geneology databases perfectly after several other text drivers failed on most of them.

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