If You Really Want a Gmail Account…

By Deane Barker on May 5, 2004

Gmail accounts go up for bid: I suppose there would be some glamour value in having “bob@gmail.com” for an address.

Beta testers invited by Google to take part in its new free e-mail service also received invitations to give to another person, but many are being auctioned on eBay, so far fetching bids as high as $61. […]

Currently, 42 testers have listed their invitations on eBay, with one offering to sell an additional invitation outright — for a mere $199.



  1. I have been using Google forever and love the way your site is so clean as well as quick as a wink to accsess info. YES, YES, YES, I would love to have an account. If I may be so bold I’d like it to be “peterip@google.com” if it hasn’t been taken already.

  2. Hi …ALL, The site which really rocks on the entire net is http://www.google.com, The day from which i have got permanent access on internet the site i most use is google.com. For me it is the solution for each and every thing you can think off.

    Studying in an IT college google help us in getting the soluion for most of our problems.In our campus we call google as GOOGLE DEVTA (LORD) who has solution to any difficulty any student is facing in no time.

    Now today when google has come up with the new e-mail service i REALLY REALLY WANT TO HAVE A GMAIL ACCOUNT.

    But i don’ t know how can i avail this service so if any of the guys is reading to this mail please do consider me for a gmail account.

    True Googlian,

    Hardesh Singh

  3. I would really like to get a gmail account. I am a poor hotmail user and I need the extra space for my job. Could someone hook me up

    Thanx Again

    A true googleholick lol david8789 @ hotmail . com

  4. You all do realize that eventually, GMail will be open to the public, don’t you? The invitations are just for the BETA testing. Calm down, take a deep breath, sign up for the gmail news letter on their site and watch some TV to pass the time while you wait.

  5. Just thought of mentioning something… I wouldn’t post the username you want on gmail, as someone else may take it just to annoy you. I know which one I want, but I would not post it until it belongs to me. I also plan on signing up for 2 accounts for 2 people I know that live in poverty in another country. I won’t see them until December, but know that both of them want an email address.

  6. But obvious, i’d also like to have such a huge space and searching facility of our mailbox ………….who’ll not like to have?

  7. YES Please it would really be a pleasure to have Gmail acocunt, i am an old user of google….. so please if its possible, please let me know, and i would love to be a part of beta testing process….. Regards, Aamir

  8. Hi Allz… Please Help me how to create and account on Gmail.com.. i will be very thnkfull if there is one whom could help me..

    thnx in anticipation.

  9. Hi Allz… Please Help me how to create and account on Gmail.com.. i will be very thnkfull if there is one whom could help me..

    thnx in anticipation.

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