Metal Storm to Demonstrate Weaponized UAV

By on April 30, 2004

Metal Storm Limited, the Australian company that developed a pioneering fire-by-wire weapons system, will soon be demonstrating a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to Department of Defense officials to prove the technology’s potential as part of a remotely controlled weapon. The UAV being used is the Dragonfly DP-4X helicopter, which was designed and built by Dragonfly Pictures Inc (DPI) for use as a remote aerial intelligence gathering and reconnaissance vehicle, but combined with the light weight Metal Storm armament, this could become a key component in future battles.

Our affordable and versatile Dragonfly DP-4X is being prepared for riskier and more offensive missions to combat many of the new threats that defy traditional battlefield tactics.

How cool would it be to put a gun on a remote control helicopter! With a live video feed too!

from a SpaceDaily article.