SQL Server Notification Services

By Deane Barker on June 17, 2003

Microsoft SQL Server: Notification Services Product Overview: It strikes me that this would integrate RSS publishing directly into the database server, without needing a Web server as middleware.

Organizations can send focused, relevant communications to their customers and employees. These notifications can contain links back to the organization’s Web site or business application for additional information, such as order request forms for customers or work items for employees. Enterprises can send important information to employees and partners, providing current communication about projects, processes, and systems. This improves information flow and business efficiency. Subscribers can define exactly what information interests them and when they want it. The notification application enables them to receive timely, personalized information on a variety of devices.

Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps this is push, not pull. Can you push an RSS subscription, or is RSS pull by definition?

Could this Notification Services be a handy tool for spammers? What may be “focused, relevant communications” to one person is probably cheap Viagra spam to someone else.



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