TypeKey FAQ

By Deane Barker on April 27, 2004

TypeKey: Here’s a pretty extensive FAQ on TypeKey — the Microsoft Passport-ish blog comment authentication service from Six Apart. It’s a central authentication service which allows you to log in to TypeKey and use that identitiy to post to multiple blogs. They provide a good example:

Alice visits Bob’s weblog for the first time and wishes to leave a comment. Bob only allows comments by registered users on his weblog. So, to leave a comment, Alice signs up for TypeKey and posts a comment to Bob’s weblog using that identity.

Because Bob requires his approval of comments by all new registered visitors, the comment doesn’t appear on Bob’s site until he approves Alice as an allowed commenter. Once he’s done that, Alice’s comments automatically appear, and any future comments that she makes appear right away as well.

Now Alice goes to Carol’s weblog. Carol also allows comments by registered users only. Alice signs in using her existing TypeKey account and posts a comment to Carol’s weblog, which goes into Carol’s moderation queue, because this is Alice’s first comment on her weblog.

But Alice hates Carol, so she left a nasty comment! Carol receives the comment via email, and doesn’t like the tone of it. So she logs into Movable Type and bans Alice from posting comments to her weblog.

Alice is now banned from posting comments to Carol’s weblog, but she is still allowed to post comments to Bob’s weblog.

It’s worth reading if you’re going to move to Movable Type 3.0. There’s a lot of information in there,



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