It’s Baaack…

By on April 27, 2004

Technology Review reports
that some repeatable results are starting to be achieved in cold fusion research, a field of study that wound up being tossed out as a tin foil hat technology back in the 80’s. The Department of Energy is even considering another look.

Fifteen years after the first controversial claims hit the headlines, cold fusion refuses to die. A small cadre of die-hard advocates argues that experiments now produce consistent results. The physics establishment continues to scoff, but some scientists who have been watching the field carefully are convinced something real is happening. And now the U.S. Department of Energy has decided that recent results justify a fresh look at cold fusion.

Maybe the battery on my future cold-fusion powered Dell notebook will be able to make it through more than a crossword and a couple of e-mails.



  1. I couldn’t figure out if you were talking about the physics-related subject or the Web development language. Then I read the bit about “tin foil hat technology” and I knew you were talking about Web development…

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