Thumbs Up for Firefox

By Deane Barker on April 23, 2004

Will Mozilla Fly?: Very positive article on Firefox from a U.K. IT magazine.

It took me a whole five minutes to decide to ditch Internet Explorer and switch to Firefox. Why? The learning curve is about 5 minutes — at most. FireFox is simpler to use. Configuring it is easy and would probably be easy for just about any PC user. You are not faced with the typical Microsoft feature-bloat.

Mozilla Firefox has a better layout and a larger web page area. It loads all your Internet Explorer ‘favorites’ when you install it on MS Windows and blocks pop-ups completely (there is an option to allow them on specific sites).

I’ve actually gone back to the full Mozilla suite due to less than perfect IMAP support in Thunderbird.



  1. I’ve been using it for a month and I love it! The plug-ins works really well, too–great for added functionality. I highly recommend Firefox over IE. And another thing, Firefox loads webpages extremely fast. It almost feels like (of course not talking about downloading multimedia content) you have broadband when surfing sites.

  2. I have been using moz. since it came out in 1.0 beta and then firefox since moz.1.6b You can use both Moz and firefox at the same time and if you know what you are doing link the two favorites. The email in Moz is as you say much better with IMAP so if you need that use the Moz. mailer and firefox for browsing (except to MS web sites for Windows Update. IE still is the best for doing that.) Another little browser I have used lately is BrowseX. It is written in tcl and is very small and compact. Features may be small and all but try the page info item on the brx menu and it gives a bit more info about the server you are at then the others do. (Server=Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux) modfastcgi/2.2.10 modjk/1.2.0 modperl/1.2401 PHP Um maybe you should patch your server. mod_digest nonce checking CAN-2003-0987 :-) It is very fast and doesn’t crash but does do some wierd things to some web pages.

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