Senator Tries to Block GMail

By Deane Barker on April 23, 2004

Legislator seeks to block Gmail: I don’t agree with the senator’s logic here. Like I’ve said before, GMail is essentially a big bribe. In exchange for 1GB of storage, you give up some privacy. So long as people understand that going in, where’s the harm? You won’t catch me doing it, but other people are willing to live with the creepiness for that much space. I say good for them.

Blasting Gmail as a horrific intrusion into Internet users’ privacy, a California state senator has introduced legislation to block Google’s free e-mail service.

State Sen. Liz Figueroa, a Democrat from the Bay Area city of Fremont, said Thursday that it should be illegal for a company to scan the text of its customers’ e-mail correspondence and display relevant advertising—even if customers explicitly agree to the practice in exchange for a gigabyte of storage.



  1. i have been using gmail the past couple of days and like it…no ads though. must not have interesting enough email for it to read :) oh well, it will just be used for a junk account anyways…hardly needing the 1 gig space.

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