You Gotta Send It Back

By Deane Barker on April 22, 2004

You Send It, You Recycle It: I’m quite pleased with this development. We complained about the idea of disposable DVDs last year. Again, let me say that I’m not a left-wing tree hugger or anything, but there’s enough disposable stuff in the world already (and calling it “one-time use” doesn’t change anything).

The California Assembly will debate a bill in coming weeks that would force companies to provide a return envelope for each unsolicited CD they send out, possibly crimping the marketing plans of companies like America Online.

Berkeley Assemblywoman Loni Hancock introduced the so-called Return to Sender bill this week. It would mandate that a postage-paid envelope be included with unsolicited CDs in mass mailings of 200 or more discs. Disposable DVDs such as Disney’s 48-hour EZ-D must also include a return envelope for customers’ use.