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By on April 21, 2004

Found this great comment over at SlashDot that I thought some of you might appreciate:

So you’re telling me superglue is like perl?

Hell yeah it is. Nobody understands it, everybody screams about how great it is, promises to work forever but in reality only works for about three hours.

Hell yeah superglue is just like perl.

T-shirt quality stuff.



  1. I’m utterly shocked and offended by this comment.

    I’m never coming back to Gadgetopia until your RSS feed changes (courtesy of Perl-driven MovableType).

  2. The opinons expressed by Joe (specifically) do not reflect the opinions of Gadgetopia as a whole. Joe wouldn’t know a good programming language if it came up and bit him, and I know this because he speaks fondly of Java. :-)

  3. I will be happy to rescind my comment as soon as I see Deane write something in Perl that does something useful.

    I just thought it was a funny quote. I had no idea, but this sort of statement is apparently equivalent to insulting your mother.

    While I’m at it, Mac has no software, Windows crashes all the time, Linux is too hard to use, and Star Wars was a crappy movie. That’ll get the comments! =)

  4. I will be happy to rescind my comment as soon as I see Deane write something in Perl that does something useful.

    Likely not going to happen because Deane’s busy writing something useful USING Perl (so are you for that matter).

    As for insulting my Mother … phew, good thing you didn’t say anything about VAX/VMS!

  5. EXTERIOR: DAGOBAH–DAY With Yoda strapped to his back, Luke climbs up one of the many thick vines that grow in the swamp until he reaches the Dagobah statistics lab. Panting heavily, he continues his exercises–grepping, installing new packages, logging in as root, and writing replacements for two-year-old shell scripts in Python.

    YODA: Code! Yes. A programmer’s strength flows from code maintainability. But beware of Perl. Terse syntax… more than one way to do it… default variables. The dark side of code maintainability are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you when code you write. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.

    LUKE: Is Perl better than Python?

    YODA: No… no… no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.

    LUKE: But how will I know why Python is better than Perl?

    YODA: You will know. When your code you try to read six months from now.

  6. Cute DZ … not as funny as Deane’s snippet, though too bad I was taking a sip of Pepsi when I read it … the upside my sinuses are clear … but I digress.

    DZ, sorry, but I’m an old school coder and thus live by the adage ‘… if it was hard to write …. then it should be hard to read!’

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