Linspire Looking for More Lawsuits

By on April 20, 2004

Linspire’s lawyers (formerly Lindows) apparently need work after their losing battle with Microsoft. Now they’re testing Apple’s resolve by announcing LPhoto and LSongs. Two applications that bear more than a little resemblence to iPhoto and iTunes. Apple may be smaller than Microsoft, but it doesn’t take too much research to find that they take their intellectual property very seriously. Unlike their last battle with Microsoft, I have a feeling they’ll get to keep the names, but the apps will no doubt look vastly different by the time they are released.

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  1. This is a little irritating. They’re really shooting themselves in the foot and jeopardizing what appears to be a great Linux distro in the process.

  2. I would have much rather seen Lindows/Linspire back any of the great open source projects that are working on this sort of thing, or at least fork from one of them instead of wasting effort on starting again from scratch. Linspire is KDE-based, and JuK is already a great tunes manager for KDE, and DigiKam already does about 80% of what they say LPhoto will do without blatantly ripping off iPhoto. That would have benefitted the whole of Linux by helping along the development of these tools. I guess they’re trying to gain a competitive advantage over the other distros, but it seems odd when they’re dumping lots of funds into working on the open-sourced mozilla-based Nvu software. Like Rob said, just law suits waiting to happen.

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