Ignorance is Bliss

By Deane Barker on April 19, 2004

Friend Buys Computer Just Like That: The Onion brings us this heartwarming story about a guy who knows what he wants. Cheng (the guy’s friend) is just flabbergasted.

Cheng said that, once he realized what was happening, he followed Trask to the counter and demanded to know if his friend had done any research on the Internet or visited the store on previous occasions.

“He hadn’t,” Cheng said. “He just waltzed in there and bought the damn thing. I asked him what he would be using it for, and he said ‘work stuff and Internet stuff.’ He said he wanted a computer with a DVD player, so he could take it with him when he stayed at his girlfriend’s place. And — oh, this was the classic line! This killed me! He said he wanted one that had an ‘MP3 maker.’”

I think Cheng’s just jealous.