PC-to-Mac Makeover

By Deane Barker on April 19, 2004

It’s time for a Mac-over!: This guy has perfected the method of re-skinning your PC to look like a Mac.

Since I recently began using an Apple PowerBook G4 as my main machine, I’ve been searching for ways to squeeze a more pleasurable experience from my PCs. It turns out there are a lot of developers who have devoted time and money into making PCs behave like they’re running Mac OSX.



  1. I think I said “truck”, not SUV or off-road vehicle. What I had in mind was one of those big grain trucks we see driving in from the Hutterite Colonies. It gets ’em where they’re going, but…

    I guess I wasn’t too clear on my analogy there. What I had in mind was “It’s like putting a cheap Ferrari kit car body on a straight truck.” That better? ;o)

  2. I hear ya Dave. More like a Ferrari hood ornament actually. You can put Farrari decals on your pickup, but once you get inside you’re in the same old truck. Other than moving your icons to the left side of the desktop I don’t think I’ve seen a single app that makes OS X look like XP. Thank God. What is it they say about imitation? (BTW – thanks for fixing the comment form. It finally works in Firebird.)

  3. The idea of dressing Windows up to look more like a Mac is still wrong.

    I can think of one 3rd-party utility for the Mac that added a Start button at the bottom-left of the screen. The main criticism of it was that to restart the machine you clicked on Restart instead of Shut Down. How counter-intuitive.

    One of these days, Deane, I’m going to force you to work for a week in OS X. Afterwards you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time & energy on Linux & Winders.

  4. Dave, if you want to loan me your PowerBook for a week, I’m all for it. :-) Can’t promise you’ll get it back, though.

  5. Sounds like a good reason not to hand it over. I’d be happy to track down a deal for you though, just give the word and how much you want to spend and I’ll do the legwork.

    And just think; if it doesn’t work out you could turn around & sell it for at least what you pay for it.

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