Trebuchets and R. Lee Ermey

By Deane Barker on April 18, 2004

I was watching R. Lee Ermey on Mail Call tonight (awesome show, BTW), and they were pelting things with a trebuchet. No, that’s not just a font from Microsoft — it’s like a super catapult.

They had “the world’s foremost trebuchet expert” on the show, and that led me to his site: Yep, an entire site dedicated to flinging stuff great distances through the air.

Build a desktop trebuchet to pelt your co-workers with stuff. Learn about complete idiots who used a trebuchet to fling themselves great distances through the air. Or just relax on the message boards and discuss NASA’s plans to put a trebuchet on the moon. Seriously.

And if you just like R. Lee Ermey (and who doesn’t?), visit the Mail Call site and click on the navigation links on the right. Each click is rewarded with a one-word insult from the man himself. Numbnuts. Crybaby. Dirtbag.

(If you get a chance, get out Ermey’s IMDB listing. Fully half of his credits are characters whose names are preceded by a title of some kind. Sherrif Hoyt. Sherrif Gathers. Captain Elias. General Wallace. Colonel O’Malley. Coach Norton. Colonel Ben Wilder. Colonet Fry. Sargeant Hiles. Yeah, he’s not typecast…)



  1. Met him in Kuwait last year when he filmed a segment (don’t think it ever aired) about Navy Special Boat Squadrons.

    Great guy, was running late, but still got on stage and talked for almost an hour. It was 100+ out, and most of the camp was there by choice.

    His crew call him Gunny. Great guy, happy to pose for photos etc.

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