By Deane Barker on April 18, 2004

Hot RSS [dive into mark]: Mark Pilgrim has a pretty funny post where he subtly and effectively slams CNet for creating a new RSS format, incompatible with any current newsreader.

OK, now we’re grooving. instead of , instead of ,

instead of . Praise Murphy, and pass the ammunition! But wait, there’s more: don’t forget , nestled in there with its inline (and unescaped) HTML content. Gonna need quite an ultraliberal parser to pick up on that one, eh? Don’t worry, I got you covered there. More on that in a minute.

Also, my eagle eyes have spotted another important incompatibility: instead of , and this time it’s in D/M/Y format instead of Y/M/D. No, wait, that’s M/D/Y format. Confusing? Maybe. But hey, this is Hot RSS. Doesn’t it deserve its own date format… again?



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