From Vegas to the Battlefield

By on April 16, 2004

Feature recognition software designed to spot problematic gamblers in Vegas casinos has proven so good that it will change the battlefield of the future. Soon, UAV’s will have software that can anylize video and match targets to an existing database of objects. Dubbed DIVOT (Imagery and Video Object Tracking), this software is already being tested by the Air Force.

“It starts beeping on this clump of trees,” Cook said. “And they had to drive the UAV about another two miles before they could get close enough [to see] there was a vehicle underneath the trees.”

The captain whose face had been loaded into the computer was sitting in his truck eating lunch. “It found his face through the trees, through the windscreen, in the shadows of the trees, and we went, ‘Wow, we need to explore this,’” Cook said.

Advances like this will be a field commander’s dream.



  1. Great to have you checking in Keith. For those that don’t know, Keith is a Gadgetopia contributor, on loan to the Army for a while to go sun tan in the Iraqi desert. We’d like him back soon.

  2. Don’t worry, Deane. All is going well. It is a little heated up right now, both in weather and insurgents, but we are hoping one will go away soon. Take care.

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