Around the Crater in 90 Days

By on April 14, 2004

NASA’s Spirit rover recently reached it’s “Mission Success” point, meeting all the goals that NASA had outlined for the mission. The rover is still doing science and going strong, but the turbo-geeks at JPL marked the occasion with a cool little Quicktime video showing how the rover has done its work over the past 90 days by making a time-compressed sequence of the rover’s exploits:

In 90 martian days, NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has performed a remarkable series of drives, digs and scientific investigations at Gusev Crater, Mars. This video documents many of the rover’s accomplishments by stringing together images taken throughout the mission by the rover’s front hazard-avoidance camera and microscopic imager instrument.

Sped up like this, it’s fun to watch the thing sniff around Mars like an excited collie at the dog park.



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