Asteroid Impact Calculator

By on April 13, 2004

Here’s a cheerful thought: We’re all tooling along, minding our own business, when suddenly an asteroid slams into the earth, wreaking death and destruction in some far-off (or maybe not-so-far-off) place. What effect would the impact, wherever it happened, have here in sunny Sioux Falls, South Dakota?

Leave it to the Department of Planetary Science eggheads at the University of Arizona to put together an online form that will tell you exactly how bad it will be. Just enter a few variables regarding how big the asteroid is, how fast it’s travelling, what it’s made of, and how far you are from it, and it will spit back at you… “the seismic, blast wave, and thermal effects of an impact as well as the size of the crater produced by the impact.”

Does Bruce Willis know about this?



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