See the Ether

By on April 8, 2004

Deane has always had this idea that someday if all the radio waves we put into the air might someday become visible, we wouldn’t be able to see or get anything done for all the data and conversations flying around.

On the evening of May 4th, above the Meridian in Greenwich Park, London, that idea will (sort of) become reality, thanks to Sky Ear:

The cloud will be made of one thousand large helium balloons each responding to the electromagnetic environment (created by distant storms, mobile phones, police and ambulance radios, television broadcasts, etc.) with coloured blue, red and yellow lights.

Very cool idea. There will apparently be a webcast, as well as a phone number you can dial to listen to what the cloud picks up.

Via BoingBoing.



  1. Just think about it what would happen if suddenly all the radio waves suddenly entered the physical realm.

    You’re walking down the street one minute and — wham! — you run smack into Hot 104.7. You turn around and smack your head on someone’s wireless network. Right about then you’re cut in half by a cop and his handheld radio.

    It would suck. Seriously.

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