SpyMac Trumps Google

By on April 6, 2004

While Google is busy trying to allay fears that their free 1GB mail service is too intrusive, SpyMac has already implemented it. And without the content scanning and advertising that Google is planning!

Spymac’s free membership includes: 1 GB e-mail account, 350 MB combined storage, personal blog, forum, gallery, auctions and more

Membership is completely free (no strings attached) and includes an unsurpassed suite of services tailored for Mac users:

– 100 megabytes of free web space (complete with FTP and WebDAV access)
– Free e-mail account with 25 megabytes of storage (includes both POP3 and Web access)
– 250 megabytes of free storage in Spymac’s patent-pending Gallery

What’s more, each member gets an individual blog, unlimited iCal publishing and access to exclusive deals on leading Mac OS X software.

What’s the catch? Well, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. The service seems to be tailored to Mac users, but I haven’t seen anything yet that would prevent others from using it. The site design is a bit on the busy side, but that’s tolerable. I’m sold. And registered.



  1. agree – i signed up today and the whole service is way to slow and the interface sure does suck.

  2. I’d attribute the slowness to the flood of new users. When I first registered yesterday morning, I noticed that the member population was somewhere around 60,000. Today they are pushing 90,000. Maybe word leaked out a bit more quickly than they would’ve liked, and were a bit unprepared for the deluge. Give them time.

    As for the sucky interface, you don’t notice it when using the POP mail!

  3. Signed up a few days ago, seems great, I just leave it signed in and have a link straight to my mail so it is about a 15 second load for my 56k. Otherwise it takes probably 1 minute to get to my mail, about the same as hotmail. Extra storage will be nice so I won’t have to check it every 2-3 days. Yeah the interface is cluttered but it sure beats less storage.

  4. I’ve signed up about and three hours ago. It took forever to get the email confirmation but finally got it. For the life of me I can not locate the email control window to check and send email. Can anyone help. Terrible interface but a great offer.

  5. In reference to Perry’s having trouble with the Spymac mail interface, I would recommend using Eudora, Thunderbird, or anything other than the Spymac interface to get your mail. As has been mentioned, it’s about as pleasant and easy-to-use as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. To do this, set up “mail.spymac.com” as both your POP and SMTP server and it should work fine.

    If you want to use the Spymac webmail, try clicking on the “Mail” tab just under the banner ad at the top of the page. Alternately, there is a series of little pictures on the left side of the page, each corresponding to a Spymac service. Scroll down to the picture of a post office and an envelope that says “Mail.” That will also take you to the webmail.

  6. Does anyone know if it’s possible to check other web accounts with spymac? Like can you check a hotmail account with it?

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