What’s Going On At Google?

By Deane Barker on April 6, 2004

The Secret Source of Google’s Power: Here’s a fascinating post (speculation?) about what’s going on over at Google. It imagines the complexity involved with running 100,000 servers, and it speculates on just what Google is up to — namely building a mammoth OS that runs natively on distributed servers.

Think of the little internal factory they must have to deploy servers, and the level of automation needed to run that many boxes. Either network boot or a production line to pre-install disk images. Servers that self-configure on boot to determine their network config and load the latest rev of the software they’ll be running. Normal datacenter ops practices don’t scale to what Google has.

Towards the end, the author touches on the fact that Google has hired a number of distinguished OS reseachers. Makes you wonder just what’s going on over there.



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