What Web Language to Use with Oracle?

By Deane Barker on April 4, 2004

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Oracle published this article on the Oracle Technology Network. In it, they compare PHP and ASP.NET for use with Oracle. Their verdict was pretty simple: “Use PHP.”

…we must consider not simply the price tag of the initial investment, which, in the case of PHP, is obviously free, but also the implementation, maintenance, and debugging costs. In the case of PHP, you may invest in the Zend optimization engine. With ASP, however, you’re investing from the very beginning, and you’re spending for add-on technologies — libraries for doing graphics manipulations, for instance. But, in the long term, PHP isn’t going to press you to upgrade and collect more licensing fees.

Everyone who has dealt with complex licensing also knows that companies spend time and money just ensuring they are compliant. Furthermore, you have a difference in response when getting bugs fixed. This, of course, translates to time, which translates to cost for overall development.



  1. I find it hard to believe that any organization that will pay out the rear for an Oracle license is going to balk at the cost of running an ASP web server.

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