The Effect of Color on Web Design

By Deane Barker on April 4, 2004

Color it effective: How color influences the user: An interesting article on the subliminal effect of color. From Microsoft, of all sources.

Research has…led many employers to use a green color scheme in the workplace, as there is evidence to suggest that this results in less absenteeism through illness. At the University of Iowa, Hawkeye Coach Hayden Fry had the locker room used by visiting teams painted pink, on the basis of research that showed pink surroundings have the effect of reducing aggression!

Whether or not we — or indeed they — are aware of it, visitors to our Web sites, too, will make assumptions about the nature, quality, reliability, and value of our products or services as a result of the colors we use.

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  1. The visiting locker room at Iowa is still pink and stadium renovation plans currently being considered include a new locker room and it will be pink as well. Seems to have some effect. It’s a tough place for visitors to play.

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