Textpattern Gamma

By Deane Barker on April 3, 2004

Textpattern: This app has finally been released in “gamma,” whatever that is. Sounds like a pre-pre-pre-beta, which is what I thought an “alpha” was…

When it comes to publishing on the internet, beginners and experts alike are met with a bothersome paradox: word processors and graphics applications allow anyone to do a pretty good job of managing text and images on a personal computer, but to make these available to the worldwide web — a seemingly similar environment of documents and destinations — ease of use vanishes behind sudden requirements for multilingual programming skills, proficiency in computer-based graphic design, and, ultimately, the patience of a saint.

The screencaps look quite good, and I’m anxious to switch to a PHP-based blogging app (I almost switched to WordPress a few months ago, but it didn’t have a caching mechanism).

As good as Movable Type is, I want to be able to hack my platform, and I really don’t want to have to learn Perl. Dean (Allen, the guy behind Textism) has promised a plug-in API, so I’m hopeful.

Update: I did a search for textpattern on this site, and found that I actually installed a version last June that was designated as “1.6b”. I’m remembering now that that version was plenty functional, and here we are, nine months later and he’s calling the latest release a “gamma”? With that amount of time into it, it should be able to wash your car by now…

Another Update: A commenter pointed out that “gamma” comes AFTER “alpha” and “beta” in the Greek alphabet, which must make this a pre-release candidate.



  1. Might be worth it to check out the new product from pMachine called Expression Engine – it apparently has several types of caching, and is php driven. I’m waiting for it to go out of beta, then will likely move over to it.

  2. WordPress is pretty killer in my book. I did a nice clean import from MT, added a 301 redirect to pass my old entries to my new permanent ones and have not looked back!

    No more rebuilding, no more spam! Plus it takes only a few seconds to post or revise as opposed to MT which can take forever…(as you clearly know based on your comment warning!)

  3. Alpha, Beta, Gamma… (That’s how the Greek alphabet starts) SO it’s not an alpha but it’s an after-beta version. …I guess

  4. I like WordPress as well. If you want Movable Type in PHP, WordPress is as close as you’re going to come right now. I agree that the import too from MT was fantastic. Very smooth.

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