Fedora Core 1

By Deane Barker on April 2, 2004

I’m writing this entry from my new Red Hat Fedora Core 1 machine. It’s very nice. Install was as simple as Windows (simpler, probably), and it’s very functional right out of the box. It had network connectivity right away, and I can browse all my Windows shares without a problem. (I haven’t tackled the network printers yet.)

I’m running KDE at really high resolution, and it’s pretty snappy for an old 550 MHz Gateway I had lying around. Font rendering is amazing — it does anti-aliasing on the level of OS X. It makes my Windows XP box look choppy and jagged.

The only hitches I’ve run into are replacing all my Windows software. I haven’t found a good replacement for Edit Plus yet (yes, text editors are abundant, but I want one with an FTP client built in). And it can’t quite figure out what to open PDFs in yet. Gnone knew to open TAR files in File Roller, but KDE evidentally doesn’t share that knowledge. I’ll also need to find something to replace Zempt.

Email is handled by Ximiam Evolution; Web browsing via Mozilla. OpenOffice is installed by default, as are lots of utilities — FTP clients and such. The Gimp is here too, but only version 1.2

All in all, a great product. I’m pretty functional right off the bat. We have some summer interns coming in here to do a data entry project for a few months — I’m awfully tempted to just round up some old hardware and load up Fedora for them.



  1. I’ve found Kate, KDE’s advanced text editor, to be a worthy replacement for EditPlus. There’s no need to look for an FTP client, since KDE has FTP support built in. Anything that uses KDE’s open/save dialogs has FTP support. Ark is KDE’s equivalent of File Roller. Red Hat might have borked it, but you can tell Konqueror to use File Roller, Ark, or whatever. PDFs are supported by numerous apps: KPDF, GPDF, Ghostview, and others. I’m not sure what’s available instead of Zempt, but I’d be surprised if there weren’t quite a few similar apps.

    To date, the only Windows app I can’t replace with a Linux app is Microsoft Streets and Trips.

  2. Wow, FTP support in KDE is really good. Every single app essentially has FTP support. This is really the way it should be. Kate is henceforth a perfect replacement for Edit Plus.

    As Dave Ziegler put it: “Bill, you are dead to me.”

  3. Well, Bill isn’t quite dead yet, but he’s definitely being handed his hat (pun intended). I’m running Red Hat 9.0 about 90% of the time, and Joe has been helping me find replacement applications for my Window$ progz.

    So far, I’m completely happy with Evolution as a replacement for Outlook, but it really needs a built-in tool for importing a .PST file. I’m still trying to get used to Firefox vs. IE6 (why it doesn’t have a File…Open [web location], as there is in both IE and Mozilla, I will probably never understand). My biggest concern up front was hardware compatibility, especially with things like my Olympus C3000-Zoom digital camera, but everything has been working great.

    Which brings to mind the GIMP. Dave does not care for the GIMP. Give me Photoshop any day.

    I kind of miss Return To Castle Wolfenstein, but I haven’t looked for a Linux version, yet.

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