Leveling Camera

By Deane Barker on March 31, 2004

Why hasn’t anyone produced a digital camera (or any camera, really) with a built-in bubble level? I’m sick of people giving me pictures that are tilted at an angle. It doesn’t have to be a big angle either. If the horizon is just a couple of degrees off, the picture looks odd.

Digital cameras have made this worse with their little viewfinders — people are just sorta looking at the picture for composition from a distance of about a foot, and they don’t notice if the camera is tilted to one side or another. Yes, you can fix these things in post-production, but a bubble level would make it so much simpler.



  1. I don’t think that taking level pics is too difficult. Its easy enough, IMHO, that a bubble level isn’t going to help people that can’t already achieve level photos. My tripods have bubble levels tho.

  2. LOL i always find that when i let people use my camera to take a photo of me I’m like “damn i could have framed that better… did i show them the zoom control?” It’s funny but i love taking photos but once in a while i’d like to appear in a good one… It’s not just a level-o-meter we need. we need a good photo-o-meter.


    (PS this comment form is v.odd in firefox… i seem to be typing over your page :))

  3. Wouldn’t a bubble be analog? You would still need someone to look at the bubble. You could superimpose one onto the LCD, better yet, some LCD’s can superimpose a grid pattern.

    My thoughts: you have a digital camera, add a levelling sensor, and have the onboard hardware/software level the picture (if that option is turned on). In my mind it can’t be that difficult.

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