SCO Needs to Spill the Beans

By Deane Barker on June 16, 2003

SCO Needs to Put Up or Shut Up: It’s tough to argue with this:

The SCO Group has spent the past couple of months directing sensational allegations and vague threats toward Linux and any individual or company that develops, markets or runs the operating system — all without presenting a bit of evidence for its claims.

On another point, those that have signed the NDA and looked at the code, say it’s something like 80 lines worth. SCO itself claims “several hundred,” so let’s consider that a top boundary.

Given this, I think IBM should enter a defense of “are you freaking kidding me?” How many lines of code are in the Linux kernel? I’ll tell you — in kernel version 2.4, there were just over 3 million. “Several hundred” lines of code amidst 3 million gives you the right to sue the Fortune 500? This is a joke. I hope IBM buries them.