PanIP Lawsuit Goes Away

By Deane Barker on March 30, 2004 Well, it looks like PanIP lost. Here was the original story about this sorry bunch of crooks. Then the courts smacked them here, and awarded attorney fees to the people PanIP sued. Now:

PanIP has dismissed it case against the PanIP Group Defense Fund, Inc. and its individual members in exchange for a waiver of the attorney fee award granted to the PGDF. The PGDF did not take a license of any kind from PanIP.

Someone posted a comment on that last link with PanIP’s press release about the latest development. They do a great job of spinning it:

Their efforts, like those of another group defense fund formed in 2002, were fruitless. Since 2002, when PanIP began enforcing its intellectual property rights, all parties that have been sued for patent infringement have settled with PanIP and the cases have been dismissed.

Settled, perhaps. But to date, but did anyone buy a license?