The Ultimate Concert Souvenir

By on March 19, 2004

A couple of years ago my wife and I went to the Twin Cities to see U2. A few weeks later I started wondering if I could find a copy of that very show somewhere on the Internet. After a couple of weeks of searching I found a guy in Minneapolis who was offering the show for the cost of blank CDs and postage. About a week later I had my copy and the quality was exceptional.

Well it appears as though concert recordings are gaining a little more acceptance from today’s mainstream musicians. I know the Grateful Dead have been doing something similar for quite awhile, but now the Barenaked Ladies will actually allow you to order (or preorder) any of their tour stops in MP3 or CD format. Pretty cool. For a hardcore fan it’s a great way to get all the music you can handle from your favorite band. Considering the high price of concert tickets these days this is a great souvenir of a show you attended. Cheaper than a t-shirt and another great method for musicians to get their music heard.



  1. Great for the listeners, but for artists prone to Dixie-Chick-type verbal gaffs, it could provide some interesting ammo for critics.

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