Microsoft 3, Lindows ?

By Deane Barker on March 14, 2004

Lindows concedes name game to Microsoft in three countries: I like the idea of Lindows, but I really do think Microsoft has a point here. We all portray Microsoft as a big, bad corporate machine, but we nod knowingly when Apple defends its iPod in the same way., a maker of low-cost computers running Linux software, said Friday it had halted operations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in the latest round of its cat-and-mouse legal battle with Microsoft.

Lindows, based in San Diego, California, said it had withdrawn from the three countries after it received legal papers demanding that it pay a fine of up to 100,000 euros a day for failing to comply with an earlier court order.

It strikes me that the name is much more trouble than it’s worth. If their distribution is that good, then it will do quite well under any name. Let it go already.