Can YOUR Browser Do This?

By on March 12, 2004

Seen on MacSlash:

Safari supports the use of the PDF format for images in HTML pages. This means that if you insert a pdf file in a web page with an ‘img’ tag it will show up just like a .jpg or .gif in Safari. This makes sense given that it is OSX’s native display format, but does anyone know of any other browsers or platforms with support for inline PDFs?

Digging through the responses to the posting, no other browsers will pull the same trick. Respondents to the post have had similar results with tiff files and raw Photoshop files (.psd). Apparently Safari makes calls to a system library or works in conjuction with QuickTime to be able to do this, since these are all formats that QuickTime. Or maybe it’s just magic.

Interesting, but not really worth much unless other browser developers pick up on it. It’d be nice to have something other than funky rasterized text for headers and whatnot. Oh for the nice sharp lines of a PDF in a web page!