Windows and UNIX, with rapid transducing triple induction nanoplasma relays

By on March 11, 2004

I usually steer clear of the ‘Linux vs. Windows’ articles, since almost everything relevant has been beaten to the point of cliché, and what we’re left with is endless flame wars. However, this article by Linux News provides a level of technobabble that would make Geordi from Star Trek proud:

It is more or less true, for example, that both Windows NT 5.X and Unix variants like Mach and some BSD variants use a modified microkernel design with a preemptive scheduler focused on interruptible thread execution, but that use of the same words is just about as far as the actual similarity goes.

Given the publication, there’s obviously a slant towards the well-dressed flightless bird, but the level of detail used to examine some of the basic OS components make it an interesting read nonetheless.