When Web Forms Attack

By on March 9, 2004

Or, “How not to make your TV station web site work”. News 14 Carolina in Raleigh, NC apparently had a web form for businesses to submit information closings and late starts due to weather. While a human reviewed the submissions before they went on the air, you could edit your posting without any approval. Some students at NCSU found this out and had some fun:

Before the system was shut down, viewers tuning into Time Warner Cable’s News 14 Carolina for updates on last week’s record-breaking snow storm could read in the text ticker on the lower third of the screen that a company called “h4x0r3d Computer Services Inc.” was among the business that would be shuttered the next morning because of the storm.

The screenshots tell the whole story. I’m amazed it took so long for someone to ‘All Your Base’ them.

Via MetaFilter.