By Deane Barker on March 1, 2004

iLojack – A true story : Chris helped me find this story again about the stolen iMac. It’s actually not a story — it’s a collection of newsgroup postings about how this guy got his sister’s machine back after it was stolen in a bulglary. His sister had a remote help program installed on the machine. This reads like a spy thriller.

Good news is, I caught them online and was able to insert the DeathScript, as I came to call it, into the Startup Items folder. Also,they had changed the owner name of the iMac to presumably one of theirnames (first and last). Also, another name (first and last) was on afolder on the Desktop. The final good thing is that I was able totrash some tax returns and other stuff that had personal info on itwhile they were apparently away from the keyboard (Timbuktu reportsidle time when the mouse is not moved or a key pressed). The down sideis that I didn’t want to risk taking control of the stolen machine and telling it to empty the trash.

Wired also cover it here. That version is probably a little easier to follow.