A PC (or Mac) in Your Pocket

By on February 27, 2004

The Register has an article about a new IBM Japan gadget that would essentially put all the workings of a PC into a tiny (6.4 x 3.3 x 0.9in) enclosure:

For now dubbed the PC Core System, the (literally) pocket PC is based on a 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 processor. Inside the case, you’ll also find 256MB of memory – it can take up to 512MB – and a 20GB 2.5in hard drive. The machine runs a variety of versions of Windows.

IBM’s thinking is that users will carry around their PCs, plugging them into base units located wherever they happen to be working. The approach is intended to appeal to corporates who want to thoroughly mobilise their workforces. The base stations can connect the core unit to a screen, keyboard, mouse and network connection. The system, it reckons, is much better than, say, a notebook, which becomes almost useless if its delicate LCD display is damaged in transit.

They also mention that the original idea behind Apple’s OS 10.3 was to make it possible for users to store their home directories on an iPod. That way you pop your iPod onto whatever machine you happen to be in front of and all your user-specific stuff is there. I kinda like IBM’s idea a bit better, where the whole shebang is inside the pod.

Wonder what they’ll call it. “PC Core System” is too pocket protector geekish. How about “The ibmPod”? Nah.



  1. Wonder how the FlipStart and OQO systems will fare after this? p.s. Really glad to see you changed the code for ur site that in Opera the main content doesnt flow below the left linklist. Now I dont have to start up M$ IE to see your site.

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