Any of this Sounding Familiar, Larry?

By on February 27, 2004

The Justice Department is moving to block Oracle’s acquisition of PeopleSoft, I suppose arguing that it would create a sort of CRM monopoly. Charles Cooper seems to think Larry Ellison is reaping what he’s sown:

Setting aside the question of whether Uncle Sam has a case or not, Gates surely must be savoring the moment as Larry Ellison, one of the handmaidens to the Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft, is finally getting payback.

They’re also using statements of Oracle co-president Charles Philips to make their case, citing reports he made in his previous position as an analyst for Morgan Stanley:

The Justice Department observed: “For example, in 2002, when Charles Phillips, currently the co-president of Oracle, worked as an industry analyst for Morgan Stanley, he issued a report that stated: The back-office market for global companies is dominated by an oligopoly comprised of SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle. The market is down to three viable suppliers who will help re-automate the back office business processes for global enterprises for years to come.”

Our own expert analyst has a different take:


“Ha Ha!”