Cheap iPod, Sort Of

By on February 23, 2004

Ipaq_ppod.jpgStarbrite Solutions has developed pPod, an application that makes a Pocket PC mimic an iPod by displaying the iPod interface on the touchscreen.

This superb MP3 player is an essential addition to your Pocket PC! No need to waste money on an expensive player and carry two items. Buy the pPod today!

I downloaded the trial, and while the app seems to work remarkably well, $35 seems a bit steep in order to perform a function that was already built in to my iPaq (via Windows Media Player) when I bought it. I don’t see a lot of people paying $35 for a snazzier interface.

Gentlemen, start your lawyers!

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  1. Well, to get technical about it, yes, you CAN stick a 40 GB hard drive in an iPaq (or at least you can stick it TO the iPaq). In fact, you can use the same model that’s in your iPod. The iPaq’s sleeve system allows you to strap a PCMCIA slot on to it. Or you could go the iPod mini route and use a 4GB CompactFlash (again via sleeve on the iPaq, although many PocketPC’s have CF slots built in).

    The combination unit would be about twice as thick as your iPaq, though.

  2. I would make two points. First, a 40GB iPod is overkill for all but the most avid music collectors (or those who insist on glomming every crappy-sounding MP3 their search-engine of choice can find). For everyone else, 10GB should be more than spacious, and I find 5GB to be adequate.

    That said, 40GB would be great for applications other than music–e.g. games, pictures, databases.

    Oh, wait–the iPod can’t RUN any of those!!! At BEST, all that iPod space would be is a portable hard drive for a full-fledged computer.

    Maybe somebody will come up with an interface that allows you to use an iPod as outboard storage for a PocketPC. That way all that drive space can be put to use by a device with a brain.

  3. Well here is a point. I have an iPaq and an iPod, as well as an eBook, and yes I do have a life. My point is wouldn’t it be neat to have an interface cable to connect the iPaq to the iPod as external storage. Then you could do really neat things like save divx movies on the ipod and watch them on your ipaq. Thats what I’m interested in :).

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