Be Careful What You Google

By on February 19, 2004

It might just get your mother arrested.

According to an LA Times story (requires registration) a 17 year old kid in California did a Google search on his own name and found himself on a missing kids list. Turns out that in 1989 his dad was given custody of him after a divorce, but apparently mom wasn’t happy with the situation, so soon after she skipped the country (Canada) during a visit, with the kid.

The dad notified authorities, but mom was successful in evading the Canadian authorities, and was living peacefully with their son as a legal immigrant in the LA area.

The teen, according to the U.S. Marshals Service, told a teacher about what he discovered on a website devoted to missing children. That set in motion a federal investigation that ended with the arrest of his mother last week and ignited hopes among his father’s family of a reunion they feared might never happen.

Now the traumatized 17 year old is in the custody of the LA County Children and Family Services Department, waiting to be reunited with the dad he doesn’t know. Mom was arrested and is awaiting extradition to the Great White North to face child abduction charges.

Ok, how many have googled your own name, and actually found something?