Free Wi-Fi and Schlotsky’s

By Deane Barker on February 18, 2004

Schlotzsky’s Offers Free Wi-Fi in Restaurants in Six States; Free Use of In-Store Computers Adds to Wi-Fi Appeal: Free wi-fi is working well for Schlotsky’s, apparently. No sign of Wi-Fi at the lone Schlotsky’s in Sioux Falls, sadly.

More than 40 percent of customers say that free Wi-Fi or the free use of in-store computers are factors in choosing Schlotzsky’s to dine, and six percent say that free Wi-Fi is the key reason they chose to come to Schlotzsky’s restaurants that day.

Here’s one thing I really like about Schlotsky’s: they knew 90% of the world wouldn’t be able to spell their domain name, so they raised a white flag and have branded their Web presence as Very practical solution.

Via BoingBoing.