Content Management Predicitions

By Deane Barker on February 14, 2004

Top 5 Predictions for Content Management and IT in 2004: I really like Ektron, but these “predications” seem a little contrived, especially since all of them play beautifully into Ektron’s sweet spot. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

Homegrown Web Content Management Gets Abandoned…Websites – Time for a Redesign…XML Takes Center Stage….Migration to .NET Server Technology…IT Leads the Push for Efficiency…

That said, Ektron is a good company, and I’ve heard good things about their CMS systems. We first encountered Ektron in late 1999 when they were just a baby company.

In fact, when we first called on them to talk about their ActiveX-based, embeddeble WYSIWYG editor, I think they were running out of someone’s basement at the time. I distinctly remember an older woman (mother?) answering the phone “Hello” and then getting a callback from the CEO himself.