SCO Steps Up to the Plate…

By Deane Barker on June 11, 2003

SCO Says to Act Against IBM if No Deal by Friday
: This is getting juicy. You have to give SCO credit for having the cohones to revoke the license of the one of the largest companies on Earth to their core software product.

“‘If we don’t have a resolution by midnight on Friday the 13th, the AIX world will be a different place,’ SCO President and Chief Executive Darl McBride told Reuters. ‘We’ve basically mapped out what we will do. People will be running AIX without a valid license…’”

IBM responded with the PR equivalent of flipping the bird:

“‘IBM believes that our contract with regard to AIX is irrevocable and perpetual and there is nothing further to discuss,’ said IBM spokeswoman Trink Guarino.”

Am I less of a person to say that I just can’t wait to see how this works out?