KDE Rocks

By on February 10, 2004

When I first used Linux in the mid-90s, I used GNOME instead of KDE, since KDE looked kind of clunky and you couldn’t do a lot of configuration on it.

With the more recent releases, KDE looks just as good as GNOME, and seems (to me at least) to have a greater depth of features.

The NewToLinux wiki has a new series of articles up called ‘KDE is so Cool Because…’ that takes a look at some of the more in-depth features of the new 3.2 release of KDE. I’ve used KDE for a while now, but a lot of this stuff was new to me. Like Managing your web site as though it’s on a local hard drive? Or instantly turning a directory of pictures on your local machine into an online gallery? Very cool stuff. It’s a wiki too, so hopefully more folks will post some cool tricks.

Via KDE Dot News